Garvit's dedication made his transformation possible.

Garvit Kawatra: Shedding 45 kgs in 4 Months

Published: 10:43AM 10 May 2022

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Alfisha Sabri

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Are you looking to shed some kgs? Do you have your doubts and questions about extreme fitness transformation journeys? Garvit shed 45kgs in just 4 months, and his experience might have the answers that you are looking for.

How did it happen?

Garvit, before his transformation.
Garvit, before his transformation. 
After transformation.
After transformation. 

Garvit's fitness journey hasn't been very long, but it has been incredible. In a short span of four months, he has shed 45 kgs! As impossible as it sounds, Garvit has achieved it, and for this, he credits the people in his life. His fitness trainers Survesh Dubey (@kingleo04_ ) and Sandeep Dalal (@dalal_fitnes_16 ) and most importantly his brother Nikhil Kawatra (@kawatranikhil ), suggested and took him to the gym. Before that, he was completely ignorant, he confesses.

Life after Transformation

Drastic changes came in Garvit's life after those four months.
Drastic changes came in Garvit's life after those four months. 

Obesity runs in Garvit's family and like most of his family members, he followed the unhealthy trail until he realized that there was an alternative lifestyle. And since then, his life has completely transformed. Currently a college student, Garvit is very satisfied with how his life has changed. He says,

"Now I can find the size of clothes any and everywhere, earlier it was such a struggle. My confidence has also skyrocketed, and I have become much more active. I get things done quickly."

Over time, Garvit has also accumulated a good number of followers on Instagram with whom he shares his journey. While many of them have truly been inspired by his transformation, some have even reached out to him for consultation. Currently, he is creating a diet chart for five such people.

What Garvit Learnt?

Garvit aims to implement all his learnings in maintaining his fitness.
Garvit aims to implement all his learnings in maintaining his fitness. 

Talking specifically about his transformation, Garvit makes the following observations-

  1. Initially, when he joined the gym, he had no idea about how the process would unfold. With time and consistency, he started becoming aware of the whats and hows of the fitness world.
  2. He would train rigorously for two hours in the morning, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  3. For the rest of the day, he wore the fat-burner jacket that made sure that his body was doing some kind of work to burn the body fat.
  4. For the four months in which the transformation happened, Garvit restricted himself strictly to a liquid diet. Now he has added some solid food also to it. Being a pure vegetarian, he consumes soybean, and pulses like dal, and rajma for his protein intake, the carbs are still very limited in consumption.
  5. Such a sudden change in the body caused some complications. He fainted a couple of times and experienced weakness and his skin became loose. But he is working on these now, now that he has achieved his target weight.

Goals for the Future

He wishes to build a career in fitness.
He wishes to build a career in fitness. 

His goals for this year are to maintain a permanent diet, not to lose the progress he has made so far, and make progress in powerlifting, an activity that he has picked up recently. His long-term goals are to build a career in the fitness industry.

For assistance, Garvit can be reached at +91 82878 88448.  

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