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The JumpRope challenge by Kirsten Quickfit

Join the Next Level Fitness Challenge .Improve your heart health and athletic performance with this 7 day challenge

What's the Challenge

This challenge offers a full body workout, builds muscle power and strength, improves athletic performance, increases bone density, benefits heart health, and burns fat. Join us and push yourself to reach new goals. You can use a jump rope, air rope or a ropeless jump rope.

Step 1

Join the challenge and finish your profile

Step 2

Find your daily workout-challenges

Step 3

Play and follow the daily workout video

Step 4

Get free Heart Health Diet plan

Step 5

Track your ranking.

Step 6

Redeem points against relevant rewards.

Kirsten QuickFit
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Kirsten QuickFit

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Kirsten QuickFit
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Kirsten QuickFit

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