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01 Hour Strength Training Course

Train daily and eat healthy with me. Scroll down to know about my programs

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A diet & workout regime to make you Healthier

Customised diet plan

Customised diet plan

Interactive Live Workouts

Interactive Live Workouts

24x7 Health Coach

24x7 Health Coach

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How it Works?

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Step 1

Health Evaluation

Understands your current health & fitness goals
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Step 2

Interactive Live Workouts

Daily Interactive videos and Weekly LIVE Workshops
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Step 3

A diet plan made by Food Bloggers

500+ recipes, you get a daily diet plan which is fun to follow.
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Step 4

Weekly Check-ins & 24*7 support

Have any question, reach out to your coach anytime

What you can expect


Better Mood




Sound Sleep


Higher Energy


Reduction in Fatigue

Snippets from the Course

About the program

In this course, we manage women health issues like PCOD by improving strength, flexibility, and balance, while reducing stress

Warmups & CoolDown

We warmup and cooldown your body everyday to ensure you get into the zone with the right flexibility and avoid any injuries while working out.

New Workouts Everyday

I offer you new workouts daily that use Artificial Intelligence to adapt to your body ensure that every muscle of the body gets toned and we learn to get flexible and burn fat the right way.

Progressive intensity

I'll keep adding Boxing, Tabata and EMOM styled workouts to ensure you have something new every week. The aim of this program is to help you become your best version

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Course designed by
Aarja Bedi

Founder & CEO, BU Fitness A Certified Fitness Expert. A Believer in a Healthy, Balanced Approach to exercise and diet. I’m here to help you become your authentic self by improving your relationship with your body, exercise, and food. Think of me as your GPS from where you are right now, to where you want to reach, and I will be there with you through all the turns and bumps. On the SocialBoat app, my workouts will show you how to get stronger and fitter through a fun, progressive, high energy workout calendar, while also strengthening your mind into self-empowering thoughts.

Reviews by our community

Finished a another workout day without missing I usually get bored of same workout buttt howwww do u every time a new workout 1-1' - Archana

I put on an enormous amount of weight due to the Pandemic and then I started training with Aarja virtually. I thought it would be impossible for me to keep up with exercising and lose weight, but she tailor made each class as per my level and I lost 4 kgs with her in my first month. She did not give me any crazy diets to follow, we only made slight adjustments to my regular home routine and meals! All my classes with Aarja were lots of fun with a variety of routines. I finally started lifting weights for the first time thanks to her assistance and I would highly recommend training with her if you're looking to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes. - Kunika

Not very sweaty cuz I wiped it but LOOK AT THAT FLUSH!! A few burpees I couldn't do full cuz I felt like puking but I NEVER thought I'd do 100 burpees in my LIFETIME thanks aabi I'm indeed more than my limitations. - Bharti

No not at all. I told you, for me it's more about mental health. Your workouts give me such a high It That small bit of accomplishment each morning goes a long way :) And of course — my arms and legs are like, rock hard and I love it! - Rashmi

I highly recommend training with Aarja if you're ready to make a positive lifestyle change. I hit a plateau for 2-3 years, and she helped me gain strength and lose body fat progressively. I could see a change in my body within the first month of training with her. - Jessica

I was bit skeptical at first place to join online fitness program but I'm glad now i did...down 2 kgs in a month without starving myself & at same time enjoying my all desserts...specially like entire workout format designed on daily basis & the way Aarja conducts it...Moreover i found Aarja very approachable, friendly & always ready to help with all queries... initially i was struggling with some form of workouts but Aarja gave me some helpful suggestions & motivated me to keep going...As time passed i improved & it increased my stamina too...All thanks to Aarja for being my support system & making me believe in myself that i can do it...After completion of one month successful program I'm here again joining second batch...Moreover She is amazing trainer i ever found...& Kudos to her for fitness journey... - Saishree Gujar

Hey Aarja It's been more thn three weeks since I hv been training with u, I hv more energy I sleep better t-De; n feel better .. My family hv started noticing my toned body in just 21 days which I was not able to get earlier after doing YouTube random workouts everyday frm almost a year. Working out has become so much fun cos actually now I knw wht I m doing. Thanku for making every drop of sweat worth it I couldn't hv wished for a better trainer. At last m not gng ne whr 1-P) will continue these amazing sessions with u. - Anamika

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Women-Focussed Fitness Firm SocialBoat Raises Funding
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SocialBoat Raises $200,000 From Plan B Capital. By Entrepreneur India
Startup Podeum, MProfit, SocialBoat, Amama raise seed capital


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01 Hour Strength Training Course
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