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Belly fat workout

Cross Mountain Climbers: Cardiovascular Endurance: Boosts heart health and improves overall cardiovascular endurance. Core Activation: Targets the core muscles, enhancing stability and promoting abdominal strength. Heel Touches: Oblique Engagement: Effectively targets and tones the oblique muscles for a defined waistline. Flexibility: Improves flexibility by engaging the torso, enhancing range of motion and reducing stiffness. Standing Oblique Crunches: Core Stability: Enhances core stability by targeting the oblique muscles, promoting better posture. Functional Strength: Mimics daily movements, building functional strength in the abdominal and side muscles. Side Plank Dips: Shoulder and Arm Strength: Strengthens shoulders and arms through the dip motion, contributing to upper body strength. Oblique Sculpting: Intensely engages oblique muscles, aiding in toning and sculpting the side abdominal area.