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Guilt free Diwali ki mithai

Healthy Diwali Delight: Besan Barfi Rich in Protein: Besan (gram flour) and peanuts provide a protein boost, aiding in muscle repair and satiety. Balanced Sweetener: Jaggery powder adds sweetness with minerals, offering a more balanced and guilt-free alternative to refined sugar. Good Fats: Ghee and peanuts contribute healthy fats, supporting overall well-being. Energy Boost: This wholesome barfi provides a quick energy source, perfect for festive celebrations without compromising health. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence this Diwali! 🌟

Nutrient details

Fats : 0.0

Protein : 0.0

Fibre : 0.0

Carbs : 0.0

Ingredients for this Recipe


50 Grams


2 Tsp

Crushed peanuts

20 Grams

Jaggery powder

2 Tbsp


1 Cup


10 Grams


1. Heat the pan and add ghee and besan

2. Then add crushed peanuts and jaggery powder and mix well well. Cook until it turns golden.

3. Add milk

4. Settle the mix onto the plate and cut it into barfi shapes

5. Garnish it with silver leaves and pistachios.