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Palak Patta Chaat for Periods

Benefits of Spinach for periods: - Iron-rich: Helps prevent anemia, common during menstruation. - Folate: Supports red blood cell production and menstrual health. - Vitamin B6: Reduces bloating, cramps, and mood swings. - Calcium: May alleviate menstrual pain and reduce PMS symptoms. - Magnesium: Relieves muscle cramps and promotes relaxation. - Antioxidants: Combat inflammation and support overall well-being during periods. Benefits of Gram Flour for periods: - Helps regulate hormones during menstruation. - Rich in iron, alleviates anemia symptoms. - Contains magnesium, reduces mood swings and cramps. - High in fiber, aids digestion and reduces bloating. - Provides B vitamins, boosts energy levels.

Nutrient details

Fats : 15.0

Protein : 5.9

Fibre : 5.3

Carbs : 5.3

Ingredients for this Recipe


10 Sprigs

Gram Flour

45 grams

Carom seeds

1 tsp

Turmeric Powder

1/2 tsp


1 tsp


1 Cup

Ghee/Olive Oil

2 tsp


1 small


1 small

Coriander Leaves

8 sprigs

Chaat Masala

1 tsp

Lemon Juice

1 tbsp


1. Wash the spinach nicely.

2. Take a bowl, add gram flour to it.

3. Add carom seeds, turmeric powder, and salt to it. Mix well.

4. Then add water to the mix and stir well until smooth.

5. Take spinach leaves and cover it completely with the paste.

6. Heat the pan, spread the olive oil/ ghee.

7. Take the coated spinach leaves and pan fry them on the both sides.

8. Take a plate and put the cooked spinach snack and garnish it with finely chopped onions, tomato, coriander leaves and lemon juice.

9. Add chaat masala and its ready!