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Navratri Special Healthy Sabudana Chilla

Sabudana boiled potato chilla is a women's health delight. High in energy-boosting carbohydrates, it provides sustained vitality. Potatoes offer essential vitamins, while sabudana supports digestion with its resistant starch. This delightful dish is gluten-free and easily digestible, making it a perfect addition to a balanced diet. Enjoy the benefits of improved energy levels and digestive wellness by incorporating sabudana boiled potato chilla into your meals.

Nutrient details

Fats : 4.2

Protein : 0.4

Fibre : 0.5

Carbs : 0.5

Ingredients for this Recipe

Soaked Sabudana

50 g

Boiled Potato

1 small

Crushed peanuts

15 g


10 sprigs

Ginger green chilli paste

10 g

Rock salt

1 tsp


1. Add all the ingredients in the bowl and mix well

2. Grease the pan with ghee

3. Make chilla of the batter and pan fry both the sides

4. It's ready, enjoy!