22 SuperWomen of 2022

Published: 09:13AM 02 January 2023

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Jayti Shah

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Women on SocialBoat take charge of their own fitness. This year we had 3000+ women take charge on the SocialBoat app. We reached out to our users via emails and instagram and asked to celebrate inspiring women in their lives by sharing their Superwoman stories with us.  

Not only are these women breaking age-old patriarchial norms but also excelling in what were traditionally considered male-dominated fields. Truly the most inspiring ladies, here is our 22 SuperWoman of 2022 - a list curated from over 112 entries! The list aims to recognize those who encourage and motivate those around them in a variety of fields.

  1. Sundar Bishnoi

Sundar Bishnoi is a well-known yoga instructor and fitness trainer. She has inspired people all over the world by sharing yoga and wellness techniques through his work. She had left her corporate job to promote yoga and meditation for corporate employees to make life better and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Sundar Bishnoi

2. Shivangi Khanna

Shivangi Khanna has always been admired for her travel content. Managing work with her passion for traveling and helping people to know more about different offbeat places.

Shivangi Khanna

3. Aarja Bedi

Aarja Bedi not just took charge of her own weight loss journey but has rather helped 500+ women in their journeys. A true hustler at heart, she has also just launched her own women-wear.

Aarja Bedi

4. Garima Kaushik

Garima Kaushik's 150-day streak on SocialBoat led her to lose 15 KGS and shed all the Pandemic weight. Hats off to her hard work, strength, and motivation.

Garima Kaushik

5. Aditi Ghai

Aditi Ghai is a working professional, a mother, a wife, and a fitness enthusiast. She aces at each role superbly well. Aditi's 200+ day streak on the SocialBoat app is legendary in its own accords.

Aditi Ghai

6. Priya Tarvare

Priya Tarvare motivated 19 women in the past 30 days to start their fitness journeys.

Priya Tarvare

7. Rakhi Sharma

Rakhi's story was shared by Selvi. "When she looked into the mirror and felt sorry for her skinny frame, at that point she turned to Yoga. Yoga showed her how amazing the human body is. There's nothing more powerful than a woman who tick marks herself". We honor your commitment.

Rakhi Sharma

8. Aakanksha

Aakansha's 300k+ IG fame seems like an overnight success. Behind it is daily content dedication, over 1000 posts, and overcoming the pressures of daily content creation.


9. Selvi Shettiyar

Selvi Shettiyar states that - "There's nothing more powerful than a woman who tick marks herself. Honor your commitment.

Selvi Shettiyar

10. Rashmi Seth

Rashmi has been in the education field for the last 25 years and has always been on the go by staying active and fit. She takes charge of her own fitness and inspires everyone around her to do so! This story was shared by Gunjan Seth.

Rashmi Seth

11. Anushansha Shukla

Anushansha is among the 'STRONGEST' girls in the country. She has participated in and successfully won fitness challenges beating both men and women with equal ease. She recently broke the world record for Chest to Ground Burpees.

Anushansha Shukla

12. Pooja

Pooja's story was shared by SB member, Priya Tarvare - "She has always been a motivation. She is a rider, writer and works as a partnership Manager. An all rounder Superwoman"


13. Shalini Soni

From not being allowed to go out to gyms to winning competitions and eventually making a career in fitness, Shalini Soni inspired us by leading from the front, winning fitness contests against men and women alike, and breaking the conventional gender barriers surrounding fitness.

Shalini Soni

14. Ritika Mehra

Ritika Mehra wakes up even before her children and packs their lunch since childhood. She is a simple woman but genuinely does extraordinary things for them without being paid for this. She is a living superstar.

Ritika Mehra

15. Aakanksha Monga

Aakanksha Monga has been the biggest motivation in travel for many.

Aakanksha Monga

16. Sasmita Pani

A 49-year-old, Sasmita was told surgery that running again will be a distant possibility. With a will made of steel, she woke up daily at 3 AM, practiced daily, and finished a 42km marathon.

Sasmita Pani

17. Greesha Dhingra

Greesha Dhingra is an RYT yoga alliance certified yoga instructor with a focus on Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Female Wellness Yoga Practices, and Pre/Post Natal Yoga. Her content is so authentic that is no wonder that she grew to 100k+ people following her content within a few months.

Greesha Dhingra

18. Reeti Sahai

This 42-year-old quit the corporate sector to run 3 World Marathon Majors. Reeti Sahai is a definition of a true Superwoman.

Reeti Sahai

19. Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is a celebrity fitness expert whose books are massive bestsellers. She was given the Nutrition Award by the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology in 2010. She has also received accreditation from Sports Dietitians Australia.

Rujuta Diwekar

20. Mrs. Pushpa N Lala

Mrs. Pushpa N Lala is truly a fighter. After two bad falls and living all by herself, we discovered possessed a latent talent for her painting as she has never painted before this. We are proud of her willpower and girth to stand up against all odds of life. She is a perfect example of a superwoman.

Mrs Pushpa Lala

21. Garima Ninave

Garima Ninave is pursuing her Post Graduation with MSC botany and is a state-level yoga player also gym trainer and yoga instructor.

Garima Ninave

22. Meenal Singhal

Meenal Singhal became an author this year and published her first novel, she got herself featured in an anthology. she got published as an author and also got featured in 5 different anthologies. She even pens down beautiful poems regularly on her Instagram this year. She has done so much work on her personal growth and raised herself like a star.

Meenal Singhal


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