Sumit Takhar is a dietician, fitness instructor and dancer based out of Delhi.

Sumit Takhar: Enjoying Profession and Passion

Published: 07:49AM 07 February 2022

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Do you worry that your passion and profession might not coincide with each other in your career path? Sumit has interesting insights to offer on making the most of both.

Sumit is a dietician and fitness coach specializing in pilates.
Sumit is a dietician and fitness coach specializing in pilates. 

Sumit Takhar is a dietician and fitness coach by profession and a dancer owing to his passion. In a conversation with SocialBoat, he traces the journey of both these fields in his life so far and tells how he has managed both smoothly, even bringing them together on social media. Read on to know his valuable insights.

Beginning as a Dancer

While in college, Sumit started dancing in his free time for some extra pocket money. Gradually moving through circles of dancers and gaining experience, he became a professional dancer. This looked like a good career option for him since it was his passion.

Navigating Through Passion and Profession

He trained in jazz and started as a dance instructor. But soon he realised that the dance industry is an unstable place.

“Unless you are a known choreographer in Bollywood, your career as a dancer is never stable.”
Sumit started as a dancer during his college days.
Sumit started as a dancer during his college days. 

He explains that dance is a moving industry. One might come and become famous for a year and then go but that’s just how long it lasts. The reality shows keep giving new faces to the audience and hence the old faces have to go.

Even though dance remains Sumit’s passion, he has shifted to being a fitness trainer since it is equally exciting for him but more stable. Sumit who has been a medical student in the past took his first step in the field of fitness with the help of Zumba- a connection to his passion for dance. He got a Zumba certification in 2016 and went on to get one in pilates, yoga, and as a dietician.

In Search for Stability and Knowledge

Along with fitness training, Sumit continues to dance as is his passion.
Along with fitness training, Sumit continues to dance as is his passion.

Sumit says that unlike dance, which is an art form that can be learned once and perfected over time, fitness isn’t a one-time thing. Instead, it is a lifestyle that needs to be followed every day and requires the coach’s guidance and assistance every day. This is what makes it more stable than dance.

Currently, Sumit is simultaneously managing his fitness studio as well as his dance studio. On being asked about this, he stresses that,

“Dance is my passion and it will always be. Fitness, however, is my profession and something that I am equally passionate about.”

Sumit believes that learning new things takes you forward in life and hence his motive in life is to learn something new every year. He ensures this by getting one certification every year. His most recent one is in digital marketing.

Finding Fun in the Extraordinary

Another mantra that Sumit follows in his life is not following the crowd. Whenever he takes up something, it is not ordinary, but something that helps him create a niche. He has learned a dance form called Kizomba, a form that many people aren’t aware of even today.

Sumit is the only dancer from Delhi to win the Asian Kizomba Competition.
Sumit is the only dancer from Delhi to win the Asian Kizomba Competition. 

Kizomba is an Angolan dance whose beats are heavily influenced by Caribbean music. Sumit’s passion for dance landed him in a Kizomba workshop by international artists, after which he started learning advanced Kizomba by attending other workshops. He participated twice in the annual Asia Kizomba championship within a span of 4-5 years. In the first attempt, he stood 6th but in the next one, he won and became the only dancer from Delhi to have won the competition.

The Way Ahead

Sumit believes in learning continuously.
Sumit believes in learning continuously. 

Currently, his fitness programs specialize in pilates and monitoring diets, along with some personal one-to-one training also available. As for dance, Sumit’s ‘Dance Creators Studio’ is functioning side by side, and we get to see a fun amalgamation of both on his Instagram page.      

Sumit says that he personally prefers offline training and classes because of the positive energy that they bring. But he has also been trying out his online training and wishes to learn and expand further as a coach. As for 2022, Sumit’s goals include continuing with his motive of learning and growing as much as he can, and finding the stability that he has been looking for.

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