Ria Verma, weekly winner of the Super Women game.

Ria Verma: Why You Should Never Stop Challenging Yourself

Published: 10:32AM 29 June 2022

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Alfisha Sabri

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“Challenge yourself; it’s the only path which leads to growth.”- Morgan Freeman

Are you a person who is your best self when pushed to the limits? Do you like, enjoy, and grow through challenges? If yes, you will have that in common with Ria Verma, weekly winner of SocialBoat’s Super Women game.

Ria is a media professional based in Bangalore. One of the many reasons she is dedicated to fitness is because her job demands it.

“My job involves a lot of running around here and there, being on my toes at all times, and hence I have to be fit.”

Ria and Fitness

Ria has always been a sporty person.
Ria has always been a sporty person.

Being from an army background, Ria had always taken fitness seriously. In school, she would play sports, and she had always been healthy. But as mentioned above, Ria gets easily bored with uneventful and usual things. She was looking for something different when four years ago, a friend suggested Crossfit training to her. Ria got right in and excelled by leaps and bounds.

During the lockdown, when the Crossfit fever was still on her mind, she started with HIIT but the regular gym environment bored her excessively. So she built a gym on her terrace at home. Bit by bit, she assembles all equipment and now it has everything that she would ever need. The home gym has also encouraged her family to work out and she counts this as an achievement.

Always Up for Learning New Skills!

She likes to improve her skill set by adding to it.
She likes to improve her skill set by adding to it.

Ria believes that one should not be stuck at just one goal. There is so much to learn and accomplish and one must make complete use of the opportunities and resources at their disposal. After spending a significant amount of time on Crossfit and HIIT training, Ria is now learning MMA (martial arts) and kickboxing. Through her friend, she is also connected to Zumba, but her next goal is to learn Yoga.

Workout Routine

Her job as a media professional requires her to be active and fit.
Her job as a media professional requires her to be active and fit.

With a demanding full-time job, it is difficult for Ria to be regular at workouts but she manages. Ria works out early in the morning from 6-8 so that she has the rest of the day to complete the other activities and commitments.

“I have to work out at least for a couple of hours a day; it gives me the energy. If I don’t work out I feel very dull."

Challenging the Self with Online Challenges

Online challenges have helped her improve her workout routines.
Online challenges have helped her improve her workout routines.

As previously mentioned, Ria is a fierce competitor and she loves challenging herself regularly. During the pandemic, she joined online fitness communities and made friends there. She participates with them in online fitness challenges.

SocialBoat’s game is also one such challenge that she stumbled upon online. Talking about fitness challenges Ria says,

“There are some things that I would miss in my fitness routine earlier, or not pay attention to them while working out. But for the challenge, I do everything properly. While recording myself, I take care of form, technique, posture, etc. It is definitely adding to my growth.”

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