Raga: A movement language by Ragini

Ragini Bhajanka- Grasping the Mind and Body through Dance

Published: 05:53AM 26 August 2021

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Sakshi Gandhi

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We all have that one passion that makes us feel alive, something that we know and believe will make us feel fulfilled. For Ragini, it was dance. She took up dancing and developed it into something that connected her body, mind, and soul. She pursued her passion and turned it into her profession. Today, Ragini Bhajanka is a dancer, teacher, traveler, creator, and influencer, who is experiencing new things and is passing that wealth of information on to her students.

We at SocialBoat recently had the opportunity to talk to her and this is what we observed - speaking to her, one is bound to be both amazed and inspired, no matter who you are & what you do.

This is the journey of a female influencer, and her brave approach towards life, with an innate didactic instinct to impart to her students all that she has learnt (and continues to learn) in life. This is Ragini’s story of creating a one-of-a-kind-space and community for artists, dancers, and humans in general, all connected via dance.

Ragini Bhajanka is a dancer, teacher, creator, traveler, and influencer who believes in finding a body and mind connection through dance.

How did it all begin for her?

Ragini’s journey began 23 years ago when she started her own dance academy. Soon she realised that she was ready for the next step. Ragini was thirsty for more information, perhaps because of her natural inclination to better herself.

She joined The Danceworx to take her education forward. She says:

“Over there, I started from scratch, worked on my basics, gradually progressing on to becoming a Company Member, Division Head, and then an Assistant Artistic Director. It was an incredible community, and I got a solid dance foundation for life.”
Over the period of two decades, Ragini slowly transformed the lives of thousands of students.

Ragini has the heart of a coach. Heading various Studios made her an expert in dance and leadership. Very eloquently put by her:

“I was dancing and leading non-stop, but over the last five years, I started visualising a different life where I wanted to use dance to expand life and life to expand dance."
Ragini - Shah Rukh Khan
Ragini has been associated with the film industry since 2007; pictured here with Shah Rukh Khan.

Ragini then decided to travel and discover the unknown. While traveling, she met locals, came face-to-face with new perspectives, and immersed herself in different cultures - as a result of which her movement evolved.

She says:

“My dance changed, my mind was at ease; I feel free when I am independent and doing things for myself.”

This was the genesis of her exploratory and process-based movement language ‘Raga’. She believes pure freedom and rhythm through movement will help in the cosmic connection of the mind and body.

Over the last few years, Ragini’s inquisitive mind has been engaged in writing, dancing, and visualising. As a result, she has come up with different movement languages of her own. Her programs, ‘Raga’, ‘Jazz Funk’, and ‘Body Pro’, are a culmination of her 23-year-long journey as a dancer and coach to a vast multitude of people. Each program dives into a process to expand every individual on a whole different level.

Teaching is one thing, but Ragini is not your conventional dance teacher. She is more of a ‘Soul Guru’, as getting associated with Ragini is about building that inner connection. Joining Ragini’s community is like investing in a life-long association bound through dance and life.

An artist through and through, Ragini’s creation process transcends beyond what is traditionally expected

How has the lockdown shaped your life?

“The lockdown has changed the world altogether and totally flipped my life too. In 2020, I decided to experience life on my own terms. Leaving behind the city life, I moved near the ocean, started my dance academy, and now am living a fully creative life by converting all my dreams into callings. I want to travel, teach, share and impact lives forever.”

Ragini’s impact on the Student Community

Students view Ragini as a mentor who digs into what is underneath. She is that one friend that everyone needs who will give you sound advice, whether it is about your career, hardships, mental health, physical health, and all ups and downs. She touches lives wherever she goes!

Ragini with students
She dreams of building a community of independent artists.

Your mantra for life?

“To everyone out there, I’d say, be real, stay true to yourself, and keep exploring. Invest your time in all your passions. Craft your life keeping all your dreams close to your heart. So, go ahead and live your life on your own terms! Absolutely never doubt yourself because there is only one ‘you’. Believe that with all your might.”


“Today, I do think I've made it. I'm waking up to a creative process every day - living an organic and artistic life. I'm constantly investing, learning, and researching. I'm connected to who I am. The chase is over.” she declares.
Ragini image
While the search continues, the chase is over - Ragini

My experience with Ragini

Honestly, Ragini is an inspiration for every woman out there who wants to learn, earn, and live independently. After a conversation with her, I feel financial independence is paramount. When a woman is financially independent, she has the ability to live life on her own terms.

She reminds me of a famous dialogue from a Bollywood movie “Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahi.”

While talking to her, you will lose yourself in a whole new world of bliss! She practices dance not only as a subject but as a powerful tool that generates awareness of the body, mind, and spirit. She dances to tap into a different kind of awareness, and teaches this art to her student community.

Who is Ragini Bhajanka?

Ragini is a dancer by profession, traveler by passion, and teacher by nature. She travels the world; expands, researches, and shares her craft; creates possibilities for herself and the people around her. She is a dreamer, creator, and an explorer.

Quote by Ragini
“Be unabashedly and unapologetically you” - Ragini Bhajanka
“Dance is for everyone. Every person is unique and has to be believed in. That’s why my styles focus on freedom of expression and movement, be it commercial or artistic.”


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To know more about Ragini: visit https://raginibhajanka.com/

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