Nikhil's fitness and YouTube journey.

Nikhil Kohli: Discovering through Circumstance

Published: 06:13AM 22 April 2022

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Alfisha Sabri

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When Nikhil started his YouTube channel, little did he know that he would one day reach 29K subscribers!

Nikhil started his YouTube channel as a side hobby.
Nikhil started his YouTube channel as a side hobby. 

It is true that necessity is the mother of all inventions. But in some cases, these inventions born out of necessity help you in discovering your true passion. YouTuber Nikhil Kohli's story was one such case.

After graduating, Nikhil started working in the corporate sector for about one and a half years. While working, he had also started his YouTube channel on the side. While he did want to grow his YouTube channel, he did not give it that much attention, but things turned out differently.

In a conversation with SocialBoat about his journey, Nikhil talks about how he landed at and then evolved through YouTube, his future aspirations, and other social media platforms. You might find useful insights for your own YouTube channel here.

How did it start?

The first video he posted was that of his fitness journey.
The first video he posted was that of his fitness journey. 

Some three years ago, the first video that Nikhil posted on his YouTube channel was that of his journey from being skinny to fit. It was a series of photos taken throughout the duration of working on himself. After this, he started recording vlogs on miscellaneous topics ranging from his everyday life activities to health care and skin care tips. With time, he started seeing a potential monetizable future in a YouTube career. During the pandemic, Nikhil had realized something that added to his seriousness about a YouTube channel.

"I realized that income should not depend on one source only. There should be alternative sources too in case of an unexpected situation. I decided to focus on increasing my sources of income. YouTube seemed like a great opportunity to invest my time in."

For Nikhil, who was used to doing several odd jobs at different stages in his life, this did not seem impossible.

Growing with Time

Little did he know he would reach 29K subscribers.
Little did he know he would reach 29K subscribers. 

He started posting videos that he thought would help him grow. In the beginning, the earnings from the channel were meager, but with time they improved.

Soon he noticed that YouTube channels about specific topics were better situated than the ones that did not have a focus. Like his first video, Nikhil began focusing on fitness-related topics. Since then, his channel has grown immensely and he aims at growing it further. So one after the other, circumstances steered Nikhil towards fitness content creation and helped him discover what he truly enjoyed.

On Other Social Media Sites

He is also simultaneously posting on Instagram.
He is also simultaneously posting on Instagram. 

Nikhil is not as famous on Instagram yet, but he is trying to gain momentum there as well. Comparing the two, he says,

"YouTube is monetizable, but Instagram gets you followers and collaborations. In the long run, both have their own benefits and are equally important."

To grow on both platforms, Nikhil has now started syncing his YouTube shorts with his Instagram reels, so that he can post on both simultaneously.

Nikhil wishes to continue growing his online network and putting out content that is beneficial for the people.

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