Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

Published: 06:36AM 10 January 2023

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Jayti Shah

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Finding a suitable weight loss diet that works and provides the nutrition their bodies require can be difficult for females who would like to lose weight. If you're searching for an appropriate weight loss plan, this article teaches you how and when to plan and stick to a weight-loss diet. We've put together this weight loss diet plan as well as other helpful weight loss approaches for people with different dietary needs.

Here are some of the weight loss and health issues that women should consider:

  • Women's joint and bone health is crucial, especially as they age. It is critical to address it through weight management through diet and lifestyle.
  • Most mothers struggle with postpartum or post-pregnancy fat loss.
  • When compared to men, women gain weight in different ways and in different areas of the body. Women are more likely to have fat in their hips, thighs, and belly.
  • ‍Menstrual cycle issues such as PMS and dysmenorrhea.
  • Thyroid problems, such as thyroid disease, have become more common in overweight women.‍
  • Excess weight is a major cause of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which can lead to a variety of complications.
PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can cause a number of complications (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

Understanding the Process of Weight Loss

It is critical to understand the science behind the best Indian diet chart for weight loss for women in order to prepare it. Weight-loss science is the process of consuming calories and burning them.

When you consume more calories than you burn, you will undoubtedly gain weight. It is for this reason that a professional recommends yoga and exercise for weight loss, as it helps burn more calories. Additionally, the female weight loss diet plan is quite effective.

The 1200-calorie diet plan

There is no one-size-fits-all diet plan because everyone has a different calorie requirement. And this is determined by a variety of personal factors such as age, medical conditions, activity level, and metabolism rate. The area you live in is also one of these factors, as North Indian meal preferences differ from those of South Indians.

The 1200-calorie diet plan is one of the most popular diet plans and is frequently prescribed by doctors to those looking to lose weight.

An Indian woman trying to burn calories by jogging in a park (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

Is rice good for losing weight?

Including rice in a balanced diet plan can be beneficial. However, you must consider a few factors such as portion control, the addition of vegetables, the use of brown rice, or red rice, and the use of healthy cooking methods.

Including rice in a healthy diet can be beneficial (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

Is roti good for losing weight?

Roti can be beneficial for weight loss if used appropriately in your diet plan. It is high in fiber, protein, and other necessary nutrients and will keep you feeling full.

Please keep in mind that the effectiveness of this Indian diet plan will vary from person to person. It is always recommended that you consult a dietitian or a nutritionist before creating a diet plan based on your body type and weight.

Roti can help you lose weight if you use it correctly in your diet (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

Here is a sample nutrition plan for weight loss:




1 glass of warm water with half lemon


1 bowl of oats porridge


1 medium-sized fruit (avoid chikoo, mango, custard apple and banana)


1 whole wheat roti +mixed vegetable curry + one dal


1 glass buttermilk + 1 small-sized fruit (seasonal)


1 ragi roti + 1.5 katori palak dal

Health advise for working women

  • Keep junk food and processed foods out of your home and office cabinets.
  • Try to eat on time and on a regular basis to reduce your desire to snack.
  • If you're craving something sweet, eat a mango, watermelon, or grapes.
  • Store nuts, fruits, and salads in places where you can easily access them, such as kitchen cabinets and work shelves.
Store nuts in easily accessible places, such as kitchen cabinets and work shelves (Image courtesy - iStock photo)


Weight loss has been a major issue for many people, and losing weight is not easy; it is also mentally and physically difficult. You will require professional assistance to overcome this.

Jayti Shah is a Clinical Nutritionist with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Over the last 9 years, she has helped 400 clients in their clinical and weight loss journeys. She works with SocialBoat as a nutrition consultant.

At SocialBoat, we offer you custom diet plans and guided workouts to help you achieve your goals in a 360-degree approach. Our gamified experience ensures that you don’t find workouts boring and we reward you for being consistent with your efforts.

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