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How Karan Singh is Making Kanpur Fit

Published: 02:56PM 15 September 2021

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Alfisha Sabri

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A lot of us know we should work out to stay healthy and fit, but we often don't have the motivation to form what we know will be a positive long-term habit. Whether it's lack of time, a stressful work schedule, or other commitments, many people find themselves without the energy or drive that is required for keeping up with regular workouts. For those reasons, a variety of fitness trainers are constantly looking for new ways to motivate followers to stay on their fitness journey.

Karan Singh - Fitness coach & gym owner
Karan Singh - Fitness coach & gym owner

SocialBoat had a chance to chat with Karan Singh, a fitness enthusiast, champion, trainer, and entrepreneur based out of Kanpur. Karan shares some valuable insights he has learned over his years as a trainer that can help fitness professionals inspire more clients towards building positive habits. Given below are four steps that helped Karan succeed.

Step1- Form an engaging community

When Karan moved back to Kanpur from Pune, he knew that the fitness industry needed an upgrade - and fast! As opposed to other gyms that focused on the central role of expensive equipment, Karan decided to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts who could help one another shape their bodies while having fun in a friendly environment.

His clients draw motivation from each other.
His clients draw motivation from each other.
“Fitness is supposed to be fun, not a task. We organize small competitions, parties, group yoga sessions, etc. that are free for our members, where people come and have fun. We also play games like kho-kho! People enjoy themselves and have fun”

Step 2- Make the client the hero

At Karan’s gym, the old adage of "happy clients = happy business" is a mantra for staff members. Here they focus on providing specialized training to every client through trainers whose purpose is interacting with the clients to ensure the best results. Karan has himself trained the trainers and focuses on every aspect of trainers can be top educators.

The trained staff is there to give the clients undivided attention.
The trained staff is there to give the clients undivided attention.

Karan’s clients are connected through social media networks to the trainers and to each other. They can ask questions related primarily to diet and fitness. The trainers are available at all times to answer such questions. Special diet charts and plans are prepared for different people based on their individual medical histories or differences in lifestyle.

Step 3- Build a strong referral culture

“There will be about 25 people insisting you join their gym but when a friend recommends something because of their good experience, it is different.”

Karan has built a gym that best suits his clientele. His clientele is so pleased with the positive results they achieve from working out with Karan that they refer friends, family, and coworkers. 90% of Karan’s clients are by referrals!

Karan gets new clients mostly through word-of-mouth referrals.
Karan gets new clients through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Step 4- Get the word out through social media

Most businesses are turning to social media for opportunities to directly profit, but Karan is taking a different approach by using it as a means of giving free knowledge and giving the outsiders a snippet into the community. He hosts live streams to give out healthy lifestyle advice in an effort to direct people to his gyms and activities, get them excited, and spread awareness.

Karan's method to grow is so successful as there is a strong feedback loop. It starts by getting people excited about fitness on social media with free content, get the most interested in the gym to demonstrate results & finally complete the loop by sharing their success stories outward again. This has a natural compounding effect and has thus shown significant dividends.

To know more about Karan Singh and his work, click here.

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