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Part II- How can you benefit from your social media audience?

Published: 01:26PM 13 October 2021

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Alfisha Sabri

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Social Media is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. With the advent of Social Media, the world has changed, and this change is happening at a rapid pace.

In part one of the blog on this topic, we discussed how you can benefit by creating your brand identity, building engagement by giving free knowledge, and creating an inspiring ecosystem for growth with your potential competitors. Here, we will talk about some more ways to make the most out of your social media following.

Image credits- Forbes
Image credits- Forbes

1. Humanize your Business by Telling Your Story

Even after looking at the greatest pieces of art and creation, the audience has always been interested in and curious about the creator. Fans of actors always want to know about their personal lives along with appreciating the work done by them. This is because, at the end of the day, human beings tend to look for connections with human beings and their stories.

People connect and engage with stories more than they do with infomercials and commercials. Stories are a very powerful method of conveying your intentions to the audience.

“People emote with stories and form connections. That’s also what I try to do,”

says Prashant Desai, a financial educator who seems to be a gifted storyteller, using the gift to his utmost benefit.

Social media allows you an unrestricted space to tell people your story- how you have come this far, what a day in your life looks like, and thoughts that you have at every moment. It provides you that unique opportunity to create a personal dialogue with your audience.

In a conversation with SocialBoat, stand-up comedian Garv Malik told us that one of the benefits of social media is that followers are able to witness your daily activities. This helps form a connection with the audience and get them interested in the creator as well as their work.

Image credit- Ignite Social Media
Image credit- Ignite Social Media

2. Create Evangelists who Build Word-of-Mouth Publicity

Word-of-mouth referrals are probably not given the importance and recognition they deserve. Businesses have grown massively and creators and educators have become overnight sensations through such referrals. That is the kind of potential they have.

Pages like ‘Humans of Bombay,’ several eateries, online bookstores, creators, etc have become huge because they have managed to unleash the potential of people referring them to each other, because of their presence on social media.

The chances to impress some of your followers to such an extent that they become your superfans are slim but its results can be worth the hard work. These superfans end up becoming business evangelists who genuinely promote and publicize your enterprises because of something that might have connected with them.

Image credit- Socialface
Image credit- Socialface

3. Unlock Global Potential beyond your Time Zones

Social media has worked magically for many creators post the pandemic-induced lockdown. With everything shifting to the virtual platforms, physical limitations of time and space didn’t seem to matter at all. Social media not only emerged as the savior but also as a bundle of opportunities and potential that nobody thought was possible.

Although online businesses and other pages did cater to an international audience even before the pandemic, this opportunity became more visible to the small businesses during the lockdown. Hitesh Dhawan, a fitness trainer, and owner of Dhawan Nutrition Center told SocialBoat,

“20 days after the launch of the nutrition center, the nationwide lockdown was imposed. But surprisingly, it proved to be a boon. 1.5 years later, today we are connected to clients across 95 different countries and our network is growing.”

As social media continues to permeate across the globe, it is important for businesses to consider ways in which they can use social media to expand their reach. With social media audiences becoming key targets for expansion, social media creators and online entrepreneurs have immense potential at their fingertips.

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