5 Vegetarian foods that are high in Vitamin B12

5 vegetarian foods that are high in Vitamin B12

Published: 05:56AM 03 December 2022

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Jayti Shah

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A water-soluble vitamin with a significant impact on cell metabolism is vitamin B12. B12, which is made up of a tiny family of substances known as cobalamin, is crucial for healthy blood, growth, and child development. It also supports appropriate eye, brain, and nervous system functions.

Microorganisms synthesize vitamin B12 in the natural world. Animal-derived foods are a main source of B12 since animals feed other animals, create B12 internally as a result of intestinal bacteria (which are absent in humans), and consume tainted food.

Vegetarians and vegans must make sure they get enough B12 every day to avoid a shortfall because it is not naturally found in plant-based foods.

Vitamin b12 rich foods for the vegetarians (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

What function does vitamin B12 serve?

B12 is a type of vitamin. It is crucial for the survival of nerve tissue, red blood cells, and brain function. Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin. If these vitamin levels are too low, deficiency may arise. Furthermore, vitamin B12 inadequacy might lead to prolonged neurological conditions.
Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, just like the other B vitamins. It is capable of the power to dissolve in fluids and penetrate into the blood. The body might sustain its vitamin B12 resources in this way for four years. Any surplus vitamin B12 is then excreted through the urine.
Vitamin B12 is the largest and most physically challenging of all the supplements we take. It is solely commercially produced utilizing bacterial fermentation.

Are vitamin B12 deficiencies more common in vegetarians?

The majority of vegetarian Indians do not obtain enough vitamin B12. The majority of us are ignorant of our condition and do not seek a diagnosis, even though a Vitamin B12 deficiency is relatively easily treated with supplements. Antacids prevent proper absorption, which increases the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency in its users.
A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to anemia. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include fatigue, weakness, nausea, and diarrhea. This condition frequently comes on gradually. Depression, problems with memory and balance, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, and other abnormalities of the nervous system can all result from severe and protracted vitamin B12 insufficiency.

Anemia due to vitamin b12 deficiency (Image courtesy - iStock photo)

You can obtain enough vitamin B12 from the foods listed below if you're a vegetarian.

  1. MILK

The B12 vitamin can be found in abundance in a cup of milk. Moreover, it is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, two elements necessary for the successful working of our body. If you're attempting to reduce your calorie consumption and fat, stick to reduced or skim-dairy products.

Milk (Image courtesy - iStock photo)


Vitamin B12 is reasonably present in whey powder. As an illustration, 32 grams of whey powder provide around 8% of the recommended daily consumption of vitamin B12. A purified variety of whey powder called whey powder isolate is said to have more vitamin B12 than regular whey powder. Vegetarians can blend their whey powder intake with milk or yogurt to satisfy their daily vitamin B12 needs.

Whey protein powder (Image courtesy - iStock photo)


Chickpeas are the perfect replacement for chicken for those who don't consume it. In addition to vitamin B12, chickpeas are a great addition to your diet since they are full of fiber, protein, and a number of other vital minerals.

Chickpeas (Image courtesy - iStock photo)


In India, yogurt is a rich source of vegetarian foods high in vitamin B12. 170 grams of low-fat plain curd provides 16 percent of the total daily need for vitamin B12 for the body. This makes it a reasonable source of vitamin D for vegetarians. Using yogurt and fortified cereals together will help you meet your body's appropriate vitamin B12 needs.

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In India, fortified foods like fortified cereals can be a healthy option for vegetarian cuisine high in vitamin B12. Foods that don't typically contain certain nutrients are fortified by adding such nutrients. To make sure that the fortified product you choose to eat is high in whole grains and fiber and free of any unwanted or hazardous additions, read the label carefully.

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Water-soluble vitamin B12 can be found in a variety of foods, including dairy, fortified cereals, and yogurt. B12 can be ingested orally. Pernicious anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency can both be addressed with injections.

Several weight-loss clinics also incorporate vitamin B12 in their weight-loss programs. However, some medications may not work as well when taken with vitamin B12. So let your doctor know if you receive injections of vitamin B12.

Jayti Shah is a Clinical Nutritionist with a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Over the last 9 years, she has helped 400 clients in their clinical and weight loss journeys. She works with SocialBoat as a nutrition consultant. We hope this article helps you to understand how can you keep your B12 levels in an optimum way in spite of choosing vegetarian sources.

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