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5 Fitness Challenges You Can Sign Up For Right Now

Published: 11:54AM 04 December 2021

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Alfisha Sabri

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Is fitness one of your resolutions for the new year? Why wait for another month when you can start right away. And the good news is that we have just the push that you need.

Fitness challenges are the new way in which you can kickstart your much-thought-about fitness journey. All you have to do is register for them and the motivation comes from the collective push of the community that you become a part of.

As a result of the hunting we did, given below is a list of five challenges that you can participate in from wherever you currently are. Some of them also give you exciting prizes on completion of the challenge!

Image credits- @ggrantyfitness
Image credits- @ggrantyfitness

Georgia is a personal coach and nutrition trainer based out of Manchester, UK. Her clients include people from all walks of life but she specializes in training women and helps them find the “healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.” Her fitness challenge aims at working on your shoulders and achieving the target while also significantly contributing to your upper body workout.

The routine for the challenge is-

  • Single-arm arnold press 5x8 on each side
  • Around the world 4x8-10
  • Lateral raises 4x10
  • Shoulder press (slow eccentric) 4x10
  • Halos 5x12

To know more and participate in the challenge, click here

Image credits- @_madelinerose_fit
Image credits- @_madelinerose_fit

Madeline Rose is an ISSA trainer and nutrition coach who trains people remotely and in person. Hers is a detailed fitness challenge with a special approach that promises to cater to the client’s needs, be it shedding weight, a tone up, or building muscle. The challenge begins on January 10th and lasts till February 21st, but the PRESALE for it is currently ongoing. Looks like the perfect way to go into the new year!

Along with promising a pre-challenge consultation, regular health & nutrition survey, SMART goal worksheet, video call, and 24/7 Voxer messaging availability, the challenge includes-

  • 6 weeks of HIIT workouts at home or at your gym
  • Personalized nutrition based upon your caloric needs
  • Weekly accountability which includes virtual daily workout sweat checks & weekly progress Check-Ins

To know more and participate in the challenge, click here

Image credits- @siss_fit and @biceps.after.babies
Image credits- @siss_fit and @biceps.after.babies

If you are looking to step into the new year fitter rather than waiting for the new year to start fitness, this is a challenge for you. From December 6th to 17th, this challenge is a wholesome approach to fitness. Lauren and Kelly from SISSFit will be responsible for providing the most reasonable workout plans that promise 100% efficiency. Whereas, fitness expert Amber Brueseke will be taking care of the diet to go with the workout, keeping in mind that you won’t have to compromise on the delicacies of the holiday food.

All of this is for FREE, just the [erfect new year gift that you might want to give to yourself.

To know more and participate in the challenge, click here

Image credits- @nutritioncodes
Image credits- @nutritioncodes

This one is an upcoming challenge that is scheduled for January 2022 with an aim to start the new year aiming towards a healthier lifestyle. Earlier a paid participation, Nutrition codes has made this challenge free for all to participate. The free challenge includes the following-

  • Community Support on the FB Group
  • Weekly Lectures on the basics of fitness
  • Weekly QnA sessions
  • Weekly Challenges
  • 4 complimentary 30 min consultation calls with our coaches. 2 during and 2 after the challenge

The top three winners of the challenge will win a smartwatch worth Rs. 10,000/- Participants also get the opportunity to avail fitness benefits from the company.

To know more and participate in the challenge, click here

Image credits- @nrgfitnesss
Image credits- @nrgfitnesss

NRG Fitness is a weight-training specialist based out of Ontario who provides virtual and in-person personal training and workout plans. Their fitness challenge is simple and fun and it is without even taking the trouble to register. All you have to do to participate in this fitness challenge is

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 squats
  • 2 Devil Presses (reps increase by 2x each round)

After doing these, update your progress by commenting on one post. The reward for this challenge is one year of @gymshark fits for free!

To know more and participate in the challenge, click here

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post about the top 5 challenges. We also wish you all the luck and hope that you enjoy the rewards that follow completion of them!

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