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30-Day Habit Builder Challenge: Rewards You Can Win

Published: 09:53AM 30 December 2021

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Alfisha Sabri

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Wouldn't we have loved it if we could get that extra push to workout every morning!
After working out day in and day out, rewards affirm and validate your efforts and hard work, and push you to do better. Keeping this in mind, SocialBoat has come up with some exciting rewards that you can win while participating in its ‘Habit Builder Challenge’. So along with beginning a healthier lifestyle, you also get rewarded for your dedication.

Win exciting prizes and keep up your motivation.
Win exciting prizes and keep up your motivation.

To win the rewards, here are three things that you have to keep in mind-

  1. Please check the start and end dates of all the respective rewards. They are mentioned in this blog below, and even on your SocialBoat community link.
  2. You can participate in either one, more than one, or all rewards.

So buckle up and get your spirits high. All the details of every reward are given below-

WeightLoss Champion
WeightLoss Champion

1. WeightLoss Champion-

The participant who achieves the most weight loss during the 30-day challenge duration (03-12-2021 to 20-1-2022) will be the winner of the ‘WeightLoss Champion’ award. They will receive a Mi6 smart band as the prize.

To win, all you have to do is this-

1. Upload a photograph of the weighing machine with the start day’s newspaper. We will not accept old photos here. The first photo will be considered the first entry. You are expected to post the first photo as early as possible.

2. You can update this as many times as you want.

3. Your last updated photo will be considered as the final entry.

The Habit Ninja
The Habit Ninja

2. The Habit Ninja

This one is as simple as it gets. If you workout 21 days out of the 30 days of the challenge (22-12-2021 to 20-1-2022), you are our Habit Ninja. As a reward, a tree will be planted in your name in the  SocialBoat forest.

Things you should remember-

1.  One day of successful workout is considered if you burn 500 calories.

2.  Your progress dashboard should have at least 21 days of more than or equal to 500 calories burnt. This will auto-sync from your wearable. In case it doesn’t, please upload relevant screenshots.

3. All start and end times are valid in IST only.

HealthStreak Champ
HealthStreak Champ

3. HealthStreak Champ

Surely, bigger achievements are something but smaller ones count too. Hence, for every 6 consecutive days, you do a workout, you will receive a HealthStreak award. This will be an INR 5000/- worth HealthKart voucher. Applicable from any 6 days between 22-12-2021 and 20-1-2022. So, keep pushing yourself to do better.

The rules for this one are-

1. This award is auto-calculated from your progress dashboard.

2. In case your wearable is not auto-synced, please upload workout screenshots with dates mentioned clearly.

3. Please note, we only consider active calories and not all calories.

4. We encourage recovery days after every 6 days of workout. So please do remember to take one off day.

Champion of Champions
Champion of Champions

4. Champion of Champions

Coaches, this one is for you! The team coach with the maximum number of streaks wins the prestigious CoC belt! Applicable throughout the challenge (22-12-2021 to 20-1-2022).

1. The coach with the most number of health streaks wins this reward.

2. Only the heat streak in the HealthStreak Champ awards are considered for this and not other rewards.

3. Coaches can also share their own workouts as an individual in the community.


5. Motivator

The ‘Motivator’ award gets updated every week. For the duration of 2021 (25-12-2021 to 31-12-2021), all you have to do is share a photo or video of you working out in 2021 on Instagram and win exciting HealthKart vouchers!

Things you should keep in mind-

1. In your Instagram post, clearly tag your coach, SocialBoat and share a link to your coaches' community through your story/post.

2. There are assured rewards at every successful post.

3. In case you have a private account and SocialBoat did not repost your story, please share the screenshot in the community.

Fastest Santa
Fastest Santa

6. Fastest Santa

This one is for the fastest among you all. The participant who is the fastest to run 1KM wins this challenge. The award is a set of FlexNest Bangles! Remember this challenge is only valid for two days- the 25th and 26th of December.

Please be careful about the following points-

1.  Share a screenshot of your fitness app's pace/speed and distance section.

2. You can run outdoors or within a gym.

3. If you are running outdoors, we need a screenshot of your wearable app.

4. The screenshot should clearly mention the date, time, distance, pace.

5. You have to run a minimum distance of 1km. We will consider only the average speed of the total distance run.

6. No entries will be considered after the end date.

NY Resolution Run
NY Resolution Run

7. NY Resolution Run

This reward is to have you entering the new year fitter and healthier. The participant with the most number of steps on New Year wins this challenge. The duration for this challenge is three days- 01-01-2022 to 07-01-2022. The winner receives a Decathlon voucher worth INR 2000/-.

1. You can run outdoors or within a gym

2. If you are running outdoors, we need a screenshot of your wearable app.

3. The Screenshot should clearly mention the date, time, distance, steps.

4. You have to run a min of 1km. We will consider only the average speed of the total distance run.

5. No entries will be considered after the end date.

Smoothie Sunday
Smoothie Sunday

8. Smoothie Sunday

We must remember that healthy eating is as important as working out to achieve fitness goals. Hence, all participants in this challenge have to share their healthy smoothie recipes on SocialBoat. And when making the smoothie, you have to make someone else's recipe, NOT your own. The recipe that gets made by the most number of people, wins this award! The winner will receive a hamper from Habit.

This challenge is open for two days only- 08-01-2022 and 09-01-2022.

Points to be noted by all participants-

1. Submit your recipes on the 8th.

2. You can make a recipe shared by anyone except yourself.

3. Please upload photos or videos of the smoothie/shake after you have made it and mention the recipe name.

3. The recipe that gets made by the most number of people wins.


9. PoseDay

Once again an award focusing on short goals. Out of a 2-minute plank, a 30-sec headstand, and 15 pullups, you can do either and become a Flexnest Champion. The challenge is valid for two days only- 15-01-2022 and 16-01-2022. The winners each get a FlexNest voucher worth INR 1000/-.

Rules you should follow-

1. Please record a video showing you + a clock or a spare phone with a stopwatch.

2. The clock should clearly show a 2-minute countdown.

3. Your community coaches will judge and rate your submissions.

These are some of the exciting rewards that you stand a chance to win by participating in SocialBoat’s ‘30-day Habit Builder Challenge’. More rewards will be announced soon. In case of any confusion, feel free to reach out to SocialBoat through Instagram.

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